Sunday, October 28, 2012


My new Scottish historical e-book, Bride of Thistleloch Castle is out on Amazon! 


A young English woman is thrust into the barbaric Highlands of Scotland—to a country that she has been taught to despise. But to stay alive, she must overcome prejudices that have festered for generations. She must accept that the God of heaven loves her. She must wed a Scottish savage.

English woman, Laren Stewart travels with her family to visit their relations in Scotland only to be forced into a terrifying situation. She finds herself bartered, wed, and widowed all within forty-eight hours. Now kidnapped by a rival clan, the barbaric MacLennens, and believed to be the wife of another laird, she is dragged further north to be held for ransom. Laren, a despised Outlander desperately clings to the hope that no one will discover her secret—that she was not wed to the clan chief. All she wants is to go home to civilized England and to save her sister from her same fate—but when the truth is revealed about who she is, all that will keep her alive is to agree to a handfasting to yet another Scottish savage.


Therese Stenzel-British Historical author

Blue Africa

Forever and a Day

Bride of Thistleloch Castle-available on Amazon

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