Thursday, May 31, 2012


A wonderful pleasure for me is to listen to a British classic music station. I am not a classical music lover, but somehow, I can’t explain it, the English do it better. They play the most incredible music I have ever heard. It’s also fun to listen to English commercials and the English DJ’s. This is a wonderful diversion if your brain is tired of writing and you need a break and want to convince yourself you’re doing this for research! Go to You will need Windows Media Player a computer system Windows 95 or better and for some reason they recommend you allow pop ups . On the top left of their home page is LISTEN NOW. That link should connect you to a live broadcast of their music. But if it won’t (mine didn’t they first few times I tried it—go figure) you can click on How To Listen (on the home page under LISTEN NOW) and follow the links to Listen Again.

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